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ウブド村観光 バリ島芸術 村とよばれ世界の観光客が芸術村ウブドツアー を参加するのが 一番 多いです。ウブド村では、 あちらこちらでバリ島伝統舞踊が舞われ、 芸能・ ウブド芸術の中心地 として世界的に 有名です。 バリ島の ウブド芸術の中心地であり、 田園 風景・ 渓谷など緑豊かな内陸エリア。 川・ 森林に 囲まれた 避暑地 としても 人気で、 渓谷 沿いに 佇む 隠れ家 的な ホテル・ ヴィラが多く 点在 している。 また スピリチュアルな 空気の 流れる ウブドは バリ島の ヨガの メッカ としても 人気。 街の 中心地には ウブド 王宮や 寺院等もあり 、夜には ライトアップと ともに バリ 伝統 舞踊が 開催されており、 至るところから ガムランの 音色が 聞こえてくる。 ウブド 市場や、 おしゃれな 雑貨屋・ カフェ・ オーガニック 商品を 扱う お店など 路面店、 少し 裏路地に 入っていくと 田園 風景が 広がり、 伝統 文化・ 街・ 自然 全てを 兼ね備えた 何時間でも 散策 したい エリア。 芸術 村 ウブド ツアー をぜひご参加ください。






  • 08.00 ホテル出発
  • 09.00 バトゥブラン村観光
  • 10.30 お寺観光
  • 12.00 トゥガラランライステラス見学
  • 13.00 ランチ(ライステラスビューレストラン)
  • 14.30 ウブド王宮とウブド市場観光
  • 17.30 ホテル着


Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Firstly, the location of Tegalalang countryside is 5 km northern part of Ubud Village and own a magnificent view of the rice terrace. The rice terrace is very beautiful with an exquisite hollowing rice field and the location is precisely on the hill bank. In addition, you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in the oblique area complete with its system irrigation. Therefore, you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the valley with a rice terrace and coconut trees ornamenting it. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icons in Ubud Bali as well as many tourists visit this site every day. And also, this site is a stopping point during Ubud Tour.

Painting Museum
Painting Museum

It is a modern museum collecting the ancient Painting consecution as well as modern from the famous artist. Meanwhile, Ubud is a place where the world’s painter found their inspiration. Moreover, you will see some masterpieces from the famous artists in this museum that complete your tour with a wonderful experience. The museum is designed with Balinese architecture with the natural nature ambience surrounding. In addition, you will see the amazing art on canvas created by the world-class painter and masterpiece just at the Painting Museum. There are several painting museums available in Ubud and you can visit one of them during Ubud Tour.

Ubud Art Market
Ubud Art Market

During the Ubud Tour, it is an excellent time to explore the art market. Ubud Market is offering you various handicrafts and souvenirs that you can bring home. The market presents a variety of artwork/handicrafts such as wood carving, bags, paintings, clothes, idols, and more. Furthermore, you will enjoy your shopping time in a beautiful place with a complete variety of Balinese artwork. Meanwhile, friendly sellers from the local community are offering the selection of your need to bring home.

Batuan Temple

It is one of the beautiful alternative temples to visit during the Ubud Tour. In addition, full of Balinese ornaments made from the fibre of a chromatic black palm tree. Furthermore, it is located beside the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. It is a sacred Hindu temple where the villagers support conducting the temple festival every six months. Meanwhile, there are several temple buildings existing inside of the temple, and you have the opportunity to visit the main area directly.


  • 税金込
  • ローカルレストランにてランチ
  • 入場料
  • 日本語ガイド
  • 専用車ーAC付き
  • 食事の際にお飲み物は別となります
  • 旅行保険

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